As digital advertising becomes a stronger driving force in the industry each year, its important to recognise what offers the most effective opportunity for your campaign.

With research being put in place by Channel 4 and carried out by Durham University neuroscientist Dr Amanda Ellison and  independent agency, COG Research. Suggestions from the research has shown that advertisers placing more money into their advertising campaigns via Youtube and Facebook where users can be more easily led astray than when viewing TV VOD.


‘The cost per thousand (or minute) for broadcast VOD completed ads is around 20% cheaper than YouTube and a third the cost of Facebook – when tested against C4 VOD headline cost and using analytics from Channel 4 marketing data.’

Stephen Chapman, Prolific North


All data was collected through 48 16-44 year olds over the UK. Utilising 100 hours of eye tracking as well as skin conductance data to collect information for the report.

The report showed that VOD commands 3.5 times higher a attention level compared to Youtube advertising. VOD shows a 85% viewing time in an attentive state whilst Youtube is only performing at 53%. Nearly half of the time that Facebook users were observed, a constant scroll mode would be taking place meaning the there was just enough time to scan posts and not correctly take in all information.

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