Taxi Advertising

The best part of taxi advertising is the fact that taxis gravitate toward the busiest areas which will give your message maximum exposure.

Taxis make thousands of journeys every day, carrying a multitude of passengers – your potential customers. What better way to market your brand than by advertising on taxis, essentially a mobile 24/7 billboard that will be seen in all the right places:

  • City Centre
  • High Streets
  • Train Stations
  • Hotels
  • Airport

Taxi advertising is predominantly a city centre medium, infiltrating urban areas where prosperous people are present. Taxis are free-roaming, but generally spend most of their time in areas of high footfall, where the audience has money to burn: retail streets, busy train stations, nightlife areas and business districts.

This means that taxis are very effective at delivering high cover as well as high levels of campaign frequency amongst those who spend most of their time working, shopping and socialising in the heart of the city. These unique benefits make taxi advertising a very efficient and cost-effective OOH choice, either instead of or complementing other media.

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Superside Taxi Advertising


Superside taxi advertising is ideal for all types of campaigns that wants to gain attraction for brand exposure through high visibility

Full Taxi Wrap Advertising

Full Liveries Wraps

A full wrap or full livery taxi advertising advert is the perfect way to make a huge impact on the urban and residential streets of your target area.

Rear Windows Taxi Advertising

Rear Windows

Eye-level message opportunity to pedestrians and other motorists. Further extends brand exclusivity of your taxi campaign.

Tip Seats Taxi Advertising

Tip Seats & Receipt Pads

Inside the taxi, the audience tend to be high earning professionals. Tip Seats present a valuable face to face opportunity with this desirable audience.

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