Without a doubt, as mobile technology advances through the years. The capabilities of what we can do in our own homes with our handheld devices means the sky is the limit. Previously for Samsung they have not had the greatest of moments with their technology with the major recall of the Galaxy S7 due to combustion faults. But the tech giant has excelled itself with their latest ad campaign promoting the Gear VR with the help of a feathered friend.


‘We make what can’t be made, so you can do what can’t be done’


The video promoting the popular wearable from Samsung introduces us to a plucky ostrich which stumbles across the Gear VR and manages to pop the set on its head for its own virtual paradise of a flight simulator. As you follow the flightless bird through its virtual journey, we are welcomed with the impossible and a bold statement for the latest campaign with the key phrase #DoWhatYouCant. A genius statement of how technology can take us anywhere as the capabilities of the devices in our homes continue to improve.



Albeit a little surreal and farfetched the advert is enjoyable to watch with a few questions to how.

Source: Samsung Mobile