Roadside Advertising

Advertising your products and services on roadside provides your business with a prime audience of potential buyers, long-term recognition, immediate brand awareness, and a high profile exposure near point-of-purchase locations.

Roadside advertising is one of the most effective ways to deliver your company message to hundreds of thousands of people each day. At Space Media Agency we have the experience and expertise to ensure you reach your target audience, giving maximum impact for your message.

We can advertise on many roadside advertising platforms, some including: phone boxes, bus stops or bus shelters, motorway trailers, billboards, etc. We can advertise on postcode targeting, which allows you to reach the right message to the right people.

With more people spending more time out of home than ever before, and becoming harder to reach through other media, advertising on the UK’s busiest arterial routes and in the heart of town centres offers the ideal to target this mobile hard-to-reach audience.

Reach an audience of millions daily with a national broadcast campaign, or build a bespoke targeted network to suit your campaign objectives. From iconic brand building premium locations to ‘always-on’ 6-sheets on the busiest high streets, we have a range of format to suit your campaign needs.

Imagine your brand advertised on all UK major cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

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6 Sheets Advertising

6 Sheets

6 sheet advertising panels located directly outside convenience outlets enable advertisers to reach consumers close to the point of purchase.

48 Sheets Advertising

48 Sheets

The traditional format concentrated in urban areas across the country. Classic 48 sheets deliver a ubiquitous presence whilst digital 48 sheets amplify a campaign and offer greater creative opportunities.

96 Sheets Billboard Advertising

96 Sheets

These are the most popular of large format billboard advertising. 96-sheets are the ideal product to build brand fame, convey confidence and maintain brand awareness.

Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus Shelters

Reach out to consumers at street level – Bus shelters are part of the daily commute for millions of people across the UK, making them the ideal place to advertise your business.

Phone Box Advertising

Phone Boxes

With people passing phone boxes every day, they offer a fantastic advertising opportunity. Phone boxes are in the best locations in some of the UK’s biggest cities, including Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

Forecourt Advertising


Digital advertising screens located in 2’700 petrol station forecourts right across the UK. These include Tesco, BP, Shell and Esso, as well as other leading independents.

Shopping Malls Advertising

Shopping Malls

40 of the UK’s leading shopping centres, including the intu Trafford Centre (Manchester), the Cribbs Causeway (Bristol), Meadowhall (Sheffield) and Festival Place (Basingstoke).

Landmark Billboard Advertising


Push the boundaries of outdoor advertising – Digital screens add a new dimension, giving businesses more opportunities to be flexible, targeted and creative with their marketing.

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