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Digital screens allow customers to interact with your brand or campaign in a whole new way and when combined with static outdoor adverts, like billboards or traditional bus shelter panels, digital screens are proven to increase the reach and impact of a campaign by 61%.

Digital Out of Home screens give you the flexibility to change and update your message throughout your campaign as well as book time-slots that are most likely to reach your customers.

There are over 1,800 prime locations across the UK that contain digital screens. They can be found on busy motorways, in bus stops or pubs and clubs.

The benefits of digital screen advertising:

  • Digital screens in bus shelters, generate over 16 million views every fortnight, meaning your advert will be seen by thousands of potential customers.
  • See instant reactions to your campaign by using touch screen features offered by some of the digital screens available. Interactive adverts tap into people’s natural curiosity, making your campaign even more memorable.
  • Enjoy coming up with more imaginative campaigns that use moving images or content that updates in-sync with real time events like the weather.
  • Facial recognition and motion detection are also possible with digital screen adverts, adding another layer of interaction to your campaign.
  • Make your marketing budget go further by matching your adverts to your customers schedule, booking advertising space when your target audience are most likely to see them.

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