Bus Advertising

Advertising your products and services on buses can provide your business with a prime audience of potential buyers.

30 million people will see your advert on a bus every week and that’s just the people who see them directly pass by. There are 5.2 billion passenger journeys in the UK each year and 2.3 billion bus trips made on London buses alone, ensuring large-scale opportunities for you to reach the right audience.

80% of consumers have responded to bus advertising by either purchasing a product, contacting a company or looking into a service. By placing your advertisement on specific bus route and geographical areas, Space Media Agency can provide you with a cost-effective campaign and avoid financial loss in areas you are not looking to target.

Let Space Media Agency‘s professional team show you the possibilities that outdoor & bus advertising can bring to your business in your local, targeted market. Connect with residents in grand scale and increase the public awareness of your brand while boosting the public perception of your products and services.

Over 90% of the UK population live within 5 minutes of a bus route and your bus advertisement will be seen by your intended targeted audience, from bus passenger, pedestrian cyclist or car drivers/passengers – your bus advertisement campaign cannot be missed.

Why Bus Advertising?

Bus advertising dominates daytime advertising, offering high visibility at an easy-to-read eye level, generating a tremendous number of exposure opportunities that far exceed electronic and other print mediums for the same invested. Buses go where people go, bus advertising target drivers and pedestrian traffic. Buses travel regularly scheduled routes through every geographic area that includes commercial, industrial, large and small shopping malls, entertainment centers as well as urban and high income suburban areas.

All routes begin and end downtown in the commercial and retail section, reaching customers when they are ready to buy, guaranteeing high awareness levels and repetitive exposure day after day, month after month.

  • Unbeatable reach and frequency
  • Buses go where people live, work, and play
  • Buses are on the road between 10 and 18 hours a day, up to seven days a week
  • Buses are visually unavoidable

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T Side Bus Advertising


T-Sides are the most distinctive format on bus and play host to powerful visuals as well as eye-grabbing headlines: a strong combination when mixed with the high coverage that bus advertising delivers.

Supersides Bus Advertising


Supersides act as a giant megaphone, projecting your core message to the thousands of people who walk up and down high streets every day. Placed 10 feet in the air on double deck buses, they reach above the clutter and demand attention from pedestrians.

Bus Advertising Streetliners


Streetliners are regarded as Bus’ answer to a local notice board on wheels. They are perfect for brands who want to engage consumers in the heart of their communities and get them talking.

Bus Rear Advertising


Make your advertising work to its maximum potential by using rear panel advertising and the larger format super rear panels. As drivers wait in traffic behind a rear panel advert you can be sure of extended exposure to your message.

Mega Rear Bus Advertising

Super Rears

Single Deck Mega Rears are one of our most popular panel types, as you can showcase your brand on the whole back of the bus.

Full Wrapped Bus Advertising

Full Wrapped

A fully wrapped bus, either double deck of single deck, provides ownership of the bus allowing you to really let the creative juices flow and make a real statement on the street.

Headliners Bus Advertising


Reach out to your next potential customers whilst they travel, with 1.4 billion shopping trips taken by bus per year and one fifth of working age population outside of London using a bus at least once a week, get your marketing message front of your customers mind with a headliner bus advert.

Double Decker Mega Rear Bus Advertising

Double Decker Mega Rear

Double Deck Mega Rears are one of our most popular panel types, as you can showcase your brand on the whole back of the bus. Unavoidable ‘road block’ advertising, targeting drivers and pedestrians alike, Double Deck Mega Rears are commonly referred to as ‘the second shop window on the street’.

Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus Shelters

Reach out to consumers at street level – Bus shelters are part of the daily commute for millions of people across the UK, making them the ideal place to advertise your business.

Bus Ticket Advertising

Bus Tickets

Tickets are retained by the passengers and have proven recall rates as high as 90%. Campaigns can be local regional or national, and many print innovations are available for added impact.

Bus Passenger Panels Advertising

Passenger Panels

Passenger Panels are available in 2 different sizes – A2 Back of Driver and Commuter Card. Regardless of which format you choose, they both offer excellent dwell time allowing you to talk to people when they have time to absorb your message and take action.

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