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Billboard Advertising

If you’re looking for a continuous advertising presence that has the potential to attract a sizeable percentage of your prospective buyers, then billboard advertising is for you.

Billboard advertising is one of the longest standing forms of outdoor advertising. Typically found areas of high traffic within each market, billboard advertising target consumers as they travel outside the home. The size of billboards vary depending upon the format used. As small as a few feet square and as large as an entire building, billboard displays are one of the largest visual advertising opportunities in existence.

With coverage in nearly all the top advertising markets, billboards are a great opportunity to heighten your advertising campaign.

  • 88% of adults saw an outdoor advert in the last 30 minutes, the last window of influence before they make a purchase.
  • Young urban adults and suburban families regularly pass through the high streets and town centres, with 74% saying they go to their local high street often. Research shows that 18-34 year olds are the most habitual, in particular visiting leisure destinations such as pubs, restaurants and cinemas with their friends.
  • The average time spent in the high street 1 hour and 27 minutes per visit 6-sheets drive frequency of message, often influencing purchase decisions and behaviour.
  • Always on 24/7 they are the ideal medium for reaching today’s moving population whilst shopping or participating in leisure activities.
  • Billboards are located in high footfall sites, a location where a large number of people pass.

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48 Sheets Billboard Advertising

48 Sheets

48-sheets have showcased some of the most iconic and memorable campaigns. The largest billboard format situated in premium locations.

96 Sheets Billboard Advertising

96 Sheets

These are the most popular of large format billboard advertising. 96-sheets are the ideal product to build brand fame, convey confidence and maintain brand awareness.

HD 48 Sheets Billboard

HD 48 Sheets

Delivering high coverage and frequency, HD 48-sheets reach rail commuters as they make their regular journeys. HD 48-sheets offer targeted campaigns along with station dominance.

HD 96 Sheets Billboard Advertising

HD 96 Sheets

96-sheets are the ideal product to build brand fame, convey confidence and maintain brand awareness. High impact campaign, ensuring your message is seen by millions every day.

Scrolling 48 Billboard Advertising

Scrolling 48

Situated at some of the most high profile locations, and at major junctions and pinch-points on the UK’s busiest arterial roads. Brands can benefit from the added impact and audience delivered from a national and city specific campaign.

Backlit 48-96 Sheets Billboard Advertising

Backlit 48 & 96 Sheets

Showcase your brand 24 hours a day with this illuminated billboard. Located at all major locations, incl. high streets, shopping malls, retail, roadside etc.

Building Wrap Advertising

Building Wraps

Building wraps can wrap an entire building and hijack the urban landscape with dramatic advertising images. A medium that is unmissable, making this type of outdoor advertising very powerful in terms of promoting brand awareness.

Landmark Billboard Advertising


Landmark outdoor sites provide maximum impact for the advertised brand. This creates market dominance through the billboard’s unusual size and the location of the site.

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